We must thank Travel Scope for putting together this memorable itinerary and for taking such excellent care of us. We enjoyed all of the locations and are going home with a much better understanding of India, and of its traditions and diversity. An unexpected outcome was that we learned a lot about politics because of the elections in Delhi and Rajasthan. A special highlight of the trip was meeting the people who were so friendly and as interested in us as we were in them. We learned about life not only in the cities but also in the villages (Chhatrasagar Manvar, Jojawar). We will always remember the dinner with our table by the fire at Jojawar, and how the owner came to speak to us. We loved the train ride to Ranthambore as well as the local people who were speaking to us. Of course the Taj Mahal and witnessing rituals in Varanasi remain an unforgettable part of our journey.

Linda Jones

There is only complaint: “it just all ended too soon!” Just wanted to let you know that we got back safe, sound and very glad that we entrusted Travel Indochina with our special trip. I want to thank you for all your help, which made a significant difference. We did indeed have a private trip with an amazing guide until we left Samode (Gajraj) and a great driver (Vipin) who stayed with us all the way through to dropping us off at the airport for the flight home. Having the guide with us worked out great as he handled everything just like (if not better) than the Western guide on our China trip. Add to that his insight and passion into the history of his country (he has a graduate degree in history and wrote papers on Agra), his presentations and stories, his special care to insure we were comfortable and happy, ability to gage exactly how long we needed to be in each place, what we in particular would like to expand or skip and even knowing what would thrill us even without asking. He went way far and above what was described in the itinerary. An example was sending us off to a Bollywood movie in Jaipur, which was something to see ! It seems to me that having a National guide is better than a Western guide supplemented by local guides. Gajraj truly let us into the heart of India. The driver was even more amazing. How anyone could drive over there is beyond me. He also went far and above normal. He cared about is personally. An example of that was coming back at night to drive us to a restaurant that we had a reservation at that he was concerned about us getting there on our own and then waiting for quite some time until we finished to take us back to the hotel. He kept us smiling throughout. We actually missed both Gajraj and Vipin when we came home. We really hope to see then on our return trip. Your help was instrumental in getting us these wonderful folks and we greatly appreciate it. The only problem that comes out of this is that we are now hooked on private tours. Not having to wait for others or rushing for deadlines and the personal attention made a huge difference. I am now starting a campaign to write reviews on the internet telling the rest of the world how great Travel Indochina is. I will never doubt you guys again and pledge to not even consider anyone else when we plan on going to anyplace TI can take us. By the way, India was an amazing place. I do not even have words to describe what we saw and did properly. We will return in a few years. I can tell you that the tiger we saw on Sunday was huge and stunning looking!

Tom Rapazzo

Itmenaan Estate was one of the most enjoyable highlights of the trip! We loved being out in the countryside, hiking the hills, observing the rural life, and visiting with the villagers. The view from the lodging was just beautiful, especially the last morning, which dawned clear with a magnificent view of the snow-capped Himalayas. We were the only guests and felt like queens--six staff attending to our needs and serving us delicious food. The Manager Pujan was terrific. This was our third custom journey and we found them all to be terrific – very well-planned and executed; great itineraries, and fantastic, often very special lodgings.

Sandee Blechman

The whole trip was outstanding and probably could have been 2-3 days longer, but it was made to fit perfectly with our schedule. Our guide in Chettinad took us to his home and we learned all about his upcoming wedding plans for his nephew. Our visit to the farmhouse was impressive – the mother and daughter-in-law who run the place do a fabulous job. The visit to the folk cultural exhibit in Kochi really impressed us – one family, against all odds, is sturggling to preserve the Indian culture. Overall a great experience! Special thanks to Ellen Mayer who did a great job in organizing and running this trip!

Mr. and Mrs. Rubenstein

Each destination was interesting and exciting – something new to experience! From outstanding services and attention to detail, our itinerary was perfect. The transfer services and airport representatives were greatly helpful, as were the calls from Praveen. Harsh took us to areas of Mumbai unseen by most. His knowledge and enthusiasm, his warmth are outstanding! We can’t wait to plan our next trip and are glad to be working with Travel Scope.

Herbert and Ellen Mayer

The whole experience was wonderful, stimulating and very exciting! Travel Scope did a great job in making all the arrangements and we would definitely recommend this trip to our friends!

Nancy Schapiro and Gerald Portnoy

We had an absolutely wonderful trip to South India. It was fantastic in every way. The sights...the temples and markets and boat tours...the colors, the aroma of spices, the hotels, the guides, the friendly people--all were absolutely fantastic. Especially good was Saravana Kumar, whose birding expeditions with us were the highlight of the trip. He is a real expert--just what we wanted--and he is so much fun to be with. We really enjoyed his company as well as the birds and would recommend him for others traveling to India. Actually, all the bird guides were expert, and they worked hard to show us as many species as possible. Sudeesh, for example, came out on Christmas morning (after his obligations to us were finished) just to show us the owlet he had found. It was one of the birds we were really hoping to see and we hadn’t been lucky. All the bird guides were wonderful. Thanks for all the help in making this trip so special and thanks to you, Mohan Ji, for taking such good care of us and being so good at picking interesting spots. Thanks also to Praveen who helped a lot. The trip will give us wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Leslie Beebe

India has been on my bucket list for some time now, so I’m very happy to have been on this trip. I am a native of Indonesia so as far as climate, scenery, and hospitality of the people, I found myself ‘at home’. I am truly impressed with India’s wealth of monuments, heritage and beauty of art – past and present. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and want to thank Travel Scope for looking after me so well. I will definitely recommend you to all others interested in coming to India.

Petty Taylor

India and its people rate as a definite must for a travel experience. Ever aspect of the tour has been undertaken by the guides, drivers, and representatives with professionalism, knowledge and courtesy, and at all times we had a sense of being with the best! On this trip, the land and people of India came alive thanks to our guide, and I would recommend this experience to anyone coming to India!

Diana Young

I thought each day was well planned and suited the taste of every traveller. We visited historically important places as well as local centers and travelled in comfort through the countryside. Deependra, our tour leader, was always prepared for the journeys and stopping at places to give us interesting informative talks on India’s history, culture and daily life. I trusted our driver completely and really enjoyed our, sometimes hair-rising, journeys with him. The tour was perfect in terms of organization and administration in the planning of our visits; the accommodations and travel were very comfortable!

Karen Anderson

India is a wonderful, exciting and engaging country that assaults all your senses (in a good way) with its colors and smells and tastes. And sounds from all those honking horns! The entire experience could not have been better. First, every one who met us, from the representatives at the airports to the guides and drivers at the hotels were prompt and on time. In fact, the only delays were caused by me and Bill when we were late to meet the guides after breakfast because we were lagging behind. Jet lag will do that to you. . . Also, all of the guides were great. They were very personable, most spoke very understandable English, and were very knowledgeable. They were all excellent, but we would really like to recognize Ashwin, who gave us the Mumbai "underbelly" tour, the woman who developed and gave us the Bollywood tour, Marcus, who was our guide in Cochin and on the houseboat, our guide in Delhi who dealt with a panic attack I had, Hatsy, who was our naturalist at Samode Safari Lodge, and our guide for the Taj Mahal. We also had great drivers all. They kept us safe and entertained at all times. We especially would like to commend Mukut, who as our driver from Agra to Jaipur and in Jaipur. The hotels were also awesome. The best was probably the Imperial in Delhi, but the Oberois in Agra and Delhi were close runners up. It was too bad we didn't have more time to enjoy the hotels. We were moved around a lot, but we knew that going in since we had limited time. The Samode in Bandavgarh was very special too. Have you stayed there?. And we did see a tiger! On our first game drive, which spoiled us, since we never saw another one after that. But we could have. It takes luck. In conclusion, we loved the trip and would recommend it to anyone! India is a fantastic country that more Americans should consider. We need better information because Americans are afraid of India and there is no need at all. We felt perfectly safe there in all ways, from pickpockets (that are worse in the US) to driving, to food and bottled water. As I have said, we Americans are arrogant, judgmental, know-it-alls, who know nothing!! Visit India! One of my favorite countries now!

Carol and Bill Berk

What an absolutely fabulous and exciting “Passage to India” trip. From the wonderful Azamara small ship cruise to the magnificent hotels (10 stars!!) in India – Cruise Express you have truly excelled yourselves. India is such an amazing land of contrasts, something to marvel at around every corner - grand & exotic buildings, incredible (some great and not so great – but that’s India) sights and experiences including our tuk tuk, jeep and elephant rides, fabulous shopping, friendly people and amongst all this our incredibly knowledgeable and experienced local guides taking particular care that the group was well looked after and always kept happy & safe. A big thank you to Hardy and Claudia for providing their usual professional and friendly support, encouragement and experience and also to Claudia (Queen of India!) for her extra effort in organizing the much anticipated shopping excursions. What a great trip. I’m looking forward to exploring more of India in the future with Cruise Express.

Lana Scovazzi

Dear Mohan, Somesh and Yam, We are about to complete one of the most exciting and fabulous trips and visits that we have ever had. As such, we did not want to miss the opportunity before we depart tomorrow, to write you a thank you note. Without a doubt, this fabulous experience would not have been possible if it were not for your very professional but most importantly, personal touch and involvement in customaizing such an interesting and learning experience for us. You have been always been very attentive to our needs, not missing any detail!! All of your help and support during sour stay to all of us, does not have a price. We are all leaving India with a very nice flavor and rewarding learning experience of a very interesting culture, which is offering us means for reflexion and recognition of the milllenary values that it has brought and offered to ur civilization. On behalf of Bertha, Jasia and Sergio, I want to thank you for all of what you have done to make our visit so memorable. We will call you later today to wish you all the best and a continuing success. "Happy Divali”!!! Let us stay in touch and hope to see you soon in México.

Rubén Goldberg J.

A lot of people have very little and are always happy and smiling and very eager to help

Carmel & Jacqueline, Australia

Every day, every destination, all the people we met, actually everything exceeded extremely our expectations. We traveled a lot around the world so far, but this tour was so exciting that it topped almost all others. The selection of accommodations, the services we received in these accommodations, our driver Satish, the local guides were the best experiences we had for long time. Again, special thanks to our driver Mr. Satish who moved us so carefully through the incredible Indian traffic. We always felt very save and comfortable. Good driver = good horn, good breaks, good luck. Thank you very much for your efforts to make us so happy. We will definitely recommend your organizations to all our friends.

Thomas & Ulli, Germany

We realise how fortunate we are to have been able to visit the Taj Mahal - one of the seven wonders of the world

Peter & Pamela, Australia

The best $2000 I've ever spent!

Paul & Vilma, Australia

This was my first trip to India and it couldn't have gone better. I loved each place we went to for different reasons but I think Udaipur was my favourite - I felt at home here. I had the most amazing time and am so grateful for this opportunity! I have so much faith in Travel Scope and can't wait to recommend to clients. Thank you SO much!!

Penelope, Australia

India has been a truly wonderful assault on all the senses. What has impacted most on me is the 'connection' that all Indians appear to have to this land and its history, with so many means working to keep the old arts alive. The kindness and courtesy and concern shown when I wasn't well was humbling. With an unbelievable amount of 'OMG' moments, this trip I hope is just the beginning of my own relationship with India. Thank you so much for this incredible, awesome, amazingly, spectacular journey!!

Sally, Australia

My first thought of India will always be a big smile and a friendly welcome!

Patricia Australia

The trip was more than I ever expected! The people were very graceful, caring, respectful, so the people we came into contact with were my highlight. Everything was just wonderful - thank you so much for this wonderful experience.

Susan, Australia

India has so many different things to offer. Every place was different and cannot be compared. One cannot get tired or bored with India

Helene, Australia

Incredible !ndia - the slogan is correct, WOW!! I knew I would love it but was blown away by the sights, sounds, colours, people (so humble and friendly), the places we stayed at are out of this world! I cried when I entered my room at Umaid Bhawan Palace - I just couldn't believe it! I am in love with India and can't wait to come back.

Natalie, Australia

The people of India touched my heart - never in a million years did I imagine that they would be so welcoming and sincerely friendly. I believe India has a bad reputation so the more people experience India the way I have, the better to put to rest those thoughts and premonitions. Raj's (the travel guide) passion touched my heart and he always took time to explain the story behind a monument or site - this gave India a true meaning!

Dayna, Australia

Our entire trip was outstanding with many highlights. One of the best highlights was the Golden Temple (Amritsar). But the one thing that really stood out was how friendly the local people were - they were a delight.

Geoffrey & Jeanie, Australia

The trip was truly magical with all the festivities of the wedding season and the beautiful people who were so very kind. The Travel Scope team were very efficient, timely and very knowledgeable. Our guides in Khajuraho, Agra, and Jaipur were exceptional in their knowledge and presentation of the history of each of these cities. Our driver Serjeet was an amazing driver, very courteous, as well as being able to explain things to us on our drive between cities. What a beautiful and memorable trip.

Sidney, South Carolina

Everything about our visit was truly wonderful! We were moved more than we could have imagined in Varanasi. Many of our friends had described their experience and it seemed to eb more focused on the lack of cleanliness and crowds, while we were more spiritually affected. We found that it opened our minds and hearts to the Hindu culture. Raj, our tour leader, told us wonderful stories, which added to this feeling. Pushkar was an exciting experience and allowed us to see another way of life – which blended the commercial with pleasure, ending in Udaipur – a jewel of a city! Overall, while Pushkar and Varanasi were the most stimulating of places, the Taj Mahal at Agra was pretty impressive too. We would recommend this trip with our guides to all our friends back in the States.

Eileen and George Vroom

Dear Mohan and Praveen The Kleids have just recently returned home and they loved everything you arranged for them while in India. They said they almost cried when they had to say goodbye to their guide, Yael. I just wanted to say thank you for making their time in India so perfect. They say they are looking forward to a return trip when they can spend more time. Thanks again.

The Kleids Doris White

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  • "A lot of people have very little and are always happy and sm..."
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  • "Every day, every destination, all the people we met, actuall..."
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  • "We realise how fortunate we are to have been able to visit t..."
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  • "The best $2000 I've ever spent!..."
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  • "This was my first trip to India and it couldn't have gone be..."
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  • "India has been a truly wonderful assault on all the senses. ..."
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  • "My first thought of India will always be a big smile and a f..."
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  • "The trip was more than I ever expected! The people were very..."
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  • "India has so many different things to offer. Every place was..."
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  • "Incredible !ndia - the slogan is correct, WOW!! I knew I wou..."
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  • "The people of India touched my heart - never in a million ye..."
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  • "Our entire trip was outstanding with many highlights. One of..."
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  • "The trip was truly magical with all the festivities of the w..."
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  • "We must thank Travel Scope for putting together this memorab..."
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  • "There is only complaint: “it just all ended too soon!” ..."
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  • "Itmenaan Estate was one of the most enjoyable highlights of ..."
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  • "Each destination was interesting and exciting – something ..."
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  • "The whole experience was wonderful, stimulating and very exc..."
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