Rustic Rajasthan

Rustic Rajasthan

Discover Rajasthan's rustic roots

Most people visit the desert state of Rajasthan for its imperial heritage; beautiful palaces, historic forts, regal havelis or mansions, and it is indeed, a resplendent route to journey on. Yet who built these grandiose structures, who immortalized battle stories in song and dance, who told stories of the ancient feudal lords, and who sustained these fiefdoms of old? With Travel Scope’s Rustic Rajasthan itinerary, you can retrace the dustier routes that the riches of ancient feudal kingdoms travelled by, to hear the history from the folk who’ve borne it to present-day.


  • Drive past Rajasthan’s countryside and past tribal villages with their colourful folk

  • Meet master artists and learn about the traditional arts of Jal Sanjhi and pichwai paintings

  • Set off on birdwatching trails in Chhatrasagar, Jawai & Chanod

  • Set off on a safari with the Rabari shepherds to spot the protected leopards of Bera and Jawai

  • Drive out to the salt pans at Chanoud Garh to witness a spectacular sunset and watch migratory birds

  • Gain an insight into the indigenous crafts of Jodhpur such as tye and dye, embroidery or restoring old textiles

  • Discover the ethnological history of Rajasthan’s desert folk at the Arna Jharna Museum

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Day: 1-2


Set off from Jaipur and head towards Chhatrasagar village. Over the next two days, you can experience the wilderness with a stay at the Chhatrasagar luxury tented camp. Surrounded by lush green fields of wheat, mustard, cotton, chillies and vast pastureland, the hundred-year-old ex-hunting estate, Chhatrasagar Camp is now an ideal destination for nature lovers and those wanting to experience traditional Indian village life in its simplistic and unfettered beauty. In the late 19th Century, Thakur Chhatra Singh of Nimaj, a powerful noble at the time decided to create a reservoir irrigated by the monsoon showers, in the dry scrub wasteland of the desert kingdom of Marwar (present-day Jodhpur). After its completion in 1890, nearby farmers were welcomed to cultivate the land and it soon became an agricultural oasis. A luxury tented camp was set up for visiting dignitaries with legendary sporting parties and exotic dinners, offering them expansive views of the green fields and open skies, and of the reservoir that was named ‘Chhatra Sagar’ in honour of the noble. Today, the famed ‘Camp Chhatra Sagar’ of yore has been recreated by the great grand children of Thakur Chhatra Singh, and beautifully captures the romance of luxury camps that have evolved into mobile palaces. The accommodations exist of a row of eleven spacious tents, each with an attached bath and its own private sit out overlooking the lake and verdant farmlands; an ideal spot to enjoy the breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset with the Aravalli Hills in the distance.

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