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  • It Is Something More: It Is A Metaphor, A Poetry
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25 August 2014

Yoga with Alka – Initiation and Interaction

The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from ‘Yuj’ which simply means to unify or to join. Hence yoga is defined as ‘union’ i.e. union of the individual self with the cosmic self. In more comprehensive terms yoga denotes the techniques that lead to harmony between the inner self and its external environment, between thought and action, […]… Read More >

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    The Kleids Doris White
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    Eileen and George Vroom
  • “We had an absolutely wonderful trip to South India. It was f... ”
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    Leslie Beebe
  • “India has been on my bucket list for some time now, so I’m... ”
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    Petty Taylor
  • “India and its people rate as a definite must for a travel ex... ”
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    Diana Young
  • “I thought each day was well planned and suited the taste of ... ”
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    Karen Anderson
  • “. India is a wonderful, exciting and engaging country that ... ”
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    Carol and Bill Berk
  • “What an absolutely fabulous and exciting “Passage to India... ”
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    Lana Scovazzi
  • “We must thank Travel Scope for putting together this memorab... ”
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    Linda Jones
  • “There is only complaint: “it just all ended too soon!” ... ”
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    Tom Rapazzo
  • “Itmenaan Estate was one of the most enjoyable highlights of ... ”
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    Sandee Blechman
  • “The whole trip was outstanding and probably could have been ... ”
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    Mr. and Mrs. Rubenstein
  • “Each destination was interesting and exciting – something ... ”
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    Herbert and Ellen Mayer
  • “The whole experience was wonderful, stimulating and very exc... ”
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    Nancy Schapiro and Gerald Portnoy

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